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Runners: Escape from Prison World or Die

Kion Danos is a POW, so far from home the light of his native sun hasn't yet reached the barren deserts of the alien prison world. Taken by the Kaarrk Swarm, along with millions of human and humansh prisoners on the collapsing frontiers and lost cities of the Dominion, Infantry Captain Kion Danos never loses his fervent desire to live, to return home to his wife and daughter.

At the same time, a female combat surgeon and POW named Amela Brunvig dreams of escape while a prisoner in women's polar camp Aerag-78.

As the two make their respective breaks, under hot pursuit by mercenaries and Sekurita as well as Kaarrk sky eyes, their lives intersect in a harrowing adventure across worlds.

Their escape, dogged at every turn by mercenaries and other horrifying agents of the Kaarrk Swarm, takes them across deadly deserts, to haunted beaches where dinosaurian creatures rise from the sea, to a great jungle on a remote continent where agents of the Humansh resistance continue their dangerous and desperate fight against the invaders. Ultimately, Kion and Amela make their way to a ruined city containing a gateway to the Temporale. There, they stand poised on the verge of…a sequel yet to be written that will take them even deeper into time and space, across the Empire of Time, on their way home to loved ones.


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